What We Do

Aligning our clients’ wealth strategies with their needs, vision and values.


Understanding our clients requires clarity, but clarity cannot be achieved without order.

We believe our clients expect their objectives, needs, and values to be comprehensively understood, articulated, and documented before any financial planning or investment advisory recommendations are considered. However, insightful lines of discussion cannot be opened without intentional organization. This is why we believe in the value of order as a service.

To us, order means identifying the critical elements and documentation of our clients’ financial situation, fully integrating and analyzing this information, and keeping it current with minimal redundancy of their time and effort. Providing order is a continuous process that enables us to ask the right questions and then efficiently find answers.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is a collaborative process that provides strategic direction and insightful decision-making analysis.

Our objective is to support our clients as a trusted advisor in every dimension of their financial lives, whether it be providing advice on retirement, risk management, tax optimization strategies, or effective wealth transfers. Whatever the planning need, we seek to guide each client through a discovery process that sheds light on their values, present situation and what it could mean for their future.  We help individuals and families brainstorm alternative solutions, stress test their plan with potential scenarios, and provide them with actionable advice that is solely in their best interest.


Investment Advisory

We believe in designing intelligent portfolio solutions that are transparent, evidence-based, and cost efficient.

Our investment process begins with a thorough interview. We closely listen to our clients and evaluate their cash flow needs, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, tax situation, and other constraints. We blend all of these considerations into a prudently crafted investment policy for how we will manage our clients’ assets through the good economic times and the difficult. We believe this collaborative process of setting expectations for what we will and won’t do provides a helpful framework for minimizing distractions, emotion-based decisions, and flawed attempts to control the uncontrollable. 

Once this investment plan is agreed upon, we carefully implement it. We diligently seek out, study, and monitor third-party funds as well as other structures and solutions to achieve the right blend of risk, growth, income, and liquidity within each portfolio. We think successful long-term investing requires a high degree of self-discipline; a solid understanding of academic and practitioner research; and a cognizant awareness of how to mitigate the costs from transactions, taxes, and third-party fees. Our goal is not to build the perfect portfolio – there is no such thing – but to create a robust investment solution that our clients can understand and stick with through all market environments.


Often, life decisions are not one-time events. They require an ongoing, thoughtful process to ensure your legacy.

In some cases, the complexity of an individual or family’s situation will require more specialized advice, whether it be extensive tax planning; estate and wealth transfer planning; or business valuation and transition planning. We are able to draw on the expertise of a deep bench of consultants in each of these subject areas through our colleagues and partners at BMSS, LLC. In-depth consultation is optimally provided through proactive planning and timely service that requires the ability to adapt as the facts and circumstances change. What should not change is your advisor’s commitment and ability to navigate you through these complicated decisions.


Technology which enables intuitive and practical experiences communicates the value we place on our clients.

Wealth advisory firms committed to building out platforms which are flexible, scalable, and forward-thinking have a strong competitive advantage in service quality and client engagement. At BMSS Wesson, we believe the primary objective of our technology is to serve the needs of our clients and strengthen the trust they have placed in us. Our objective is for our technology suite to be secure, informative, aesthetically appealing, intuitive, and responsive to meeting our clients’ needs on demand. After all, our technology ties together all of our other services and is one of the most valuable communication tools we have to demonstrate the merits of our advice.

Discover BMSS Wesson

BMSS Wesson is a new Birmingham, Alabama-based Registered Investment Advisory firm serving clients with diverse backgrounds and resources with innovative technology and thinking. Contact us to discuss how BMSS Wesson might help you align your needs and values with your family’s personal wealth strategy.