Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is a collaborative process that provides strategic direction and insightful decision-making analysis.  Our objective is to support our clients in accomplishing their personal goals, and in doing so, intentionally help them align their core values with their financial strategies.  To achieve this, we guide our clients through a discovery process of fact-finding and education that enables both the client and us to better understand their present financial situation and long-term objectives.  We take the time to understand each individual and family, help them brainstorm alternative solutions, stress test our assumptions with potential scenarios, and provide them with actionable advice that is solely in their best interest.

Below are the specific services we offer:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Balance sheet optimization
  • Retirement planning
  • Education planning
  • Integrated tax planning
  • Risk management and insurance review
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer review
  • Probability of success calculations

As we analyze and communicate various planning strategies, we leverage the industry’s most progressive financial planning software to demonstrate the current path each client is on as well as the impact of their current decisions on future potential outcomes.  At the culmination of the initial financial plan development, we deliver to each client a list of recommendations with straight-forward action items and steps for implementation.   Going forward, we seek to meet with our clients at least annually for a comprehensive review as we assist each individual and family with the responsibility of keeping their plan on track and adapting the plan as needed to achieve their objectives.