Investment Advisory

We take a holistic approach to Investment Advisory Services through a process of close communication with each client in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of their cash flow needs, objectives, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, liquidity requirements, tax situation, and personal values.  By closely listening to our clients, we are able to blend all of these considerations into a prudently crafted investment plan for how we propose to manage our clients’ assets through the good economic times and the difficult.  This plan, called an Investment Policy Statement, is carefully documented and agreed to by both the client and BMSS Wesson.  We believe this process focuses our clients’ attention, and our own, on what truly matters to their long-term success and provides a framework for minimizing distractions, emotion-based decisions, and the potential for conflicts of interest to arise. 

Only after this framework is agreed upon do we turn our attention to managing the portfolio.  Because our value proposition is based solely on providing the best advice to our clients, we seek to avoid needless activity and complexity.  Instead, we believe in designing intelligent portfolio solutions that are transparent, evidence-based, and cost efficient.  We think successful long-term investing requires a high degree of disciplined self-awareness of which factors are within our control and which are not.  Extensive academic and practitioner research developed over the past fifty years as well as our own experiences have taught us the difference.  In turn, we seek to educate clients on how to avoid many of the unforced errors that result from flawed attempts to control the uncontrollable while neglecting a well thought out plan.

After implementing the appropriate portfolio, we carefully monitor, rebalance, and make adjustments as prudent in counsel with the client and based solely on their identified objectives and needs.  BMSS Wesson provides detailed and transparent quarterly performance reports as well as daily look through access to our clients’ account performance through our online portal.  We communicate with clients through regular review meetings as well as informally when questions or concerns come up.  We understand the stress and uncertainty that can arise when major financial decisions must be made with imperfect information.  That is why we provide a portfolio management process that is as disciplined, transparent, and objective as possible.  Our goal is not to build the perfect portfolio – there is no such thing – but to create a robust investment solution that our clients can understand and stick with through all market environments.