Technology is and will continue to be a growing differentiator among wealth advisory firms.  Firms committed to building out platforms which are flexible, scalable, and forward-thinking have a strong competitive advantage in service quality, client engagement, and lower overhead cost.  Technology reinforces and is simply a reflection of a firm’s objectives and competence.

At BMSS Wesson, we believe the primary objective of our technology is to serve the needs of our clients and strengthen the trust they have placed in us.  Our goal is for our technology suite to be secure, informative, aesthetically appealing, intuitive, and responsive to meeting our clients’ needs. 

We believe well-designed wealth advisory technology should:

  • Enable order leading to clarity
  • Encourage collaborative brain-storming
  • Inspire unlikely but important conversations
  • Enable integrated, live planning and analysis
  • Demonstrate practical alternatives and tests different scenarios
  • Provide objectivity to risk measurement and management
  • Enable informed decision-making
  • Communicate recommendations transparently

We think of our technology as an extension of all our other services and as one of the most valuable communication tools we have to demonstrate the value of our advice to clients.  To streamline access to a portion of this technology, we have provided clients with a secure, single sign-on to our financial planning, third-party custodian, and performance reporting technology partners.