Why BMSS Wesson

Because…. Relationships, Service, Honesty and Experience matter to our clients and to us.


Perspective is the ability to look through the distractions of the minutiae to see the big picture.  It is the wisdom to understand the difference between what is truly important and what is only urgent.  For each client, there are hundreds of financial facts or data points, but only a small minority are truly important.  We believe perspective is taking the time to develop a big picture understanding of an individual or family’s story, needs and values.  Only then are we able to ask the right questions. Gaining our client’s perspective allows us to see things from their point of view and in turn be able to better align their plans and portfolios with their values. Understanding the big picture is the right place to start because it gives us the proper perspective from which to begin.  Without perspective it would be like trying to work a jigsaw puzzle without looking at the top of the box to see what the finished product should look like.

Expertise and Education

We believe that information without education can lead to faulty decision making which is like a broken clock which is correct twice a day.

In today’s global, internet economy, information is limitless and always growing.  But information alone cannot provide informed design – the thoughtful planning that targets a desired outcome.  What we’ve learned from our clients as well as our own experience and research is that design matters to the successful execution of a financial plan.  The right design is not developed without thoughtful expertise and will not be applied without intentional education.   We’ve invested the time, done the research and drawn from decades of experience to build a firm that can come alongside our clients and provide informed design across all aspects of our clients’ wealth planning needs.


Insight is commonly thought of as a flash of inspiration.  We believe insight is the result of a methodical discovery process, where the right questions are consistently asked.  This discipline brings clarity to the decision-making process.  As light is shed on the facts available, problems that seemed murky and perplexing can be identified and resolved through evidence-based research and design.  Properly understood, insight is the actionable forethought that results from a disciplined wealth advisory process.

Problem solving based on insights and evidence can lead to better decisions, which can lead to better long-term results and outcomes.  Once we have a good understanding of a client’s goals and the facts surrounding their family, values, health and business, we can apply the science of historical evidence with the art of human experience to design solutions that closely align with the client’s desired outcome.

Decisions and Strategies

Alignment happens when two disconnected ideas meet.  In this case, it’s when a client’s values are overlaid in the design of the financial plan and the investment advice.

Many investment firms think of their investment strategy as an end to itself.  This thinking disassociates the act of investing their clients’ wealth from the diverse, personal needs and values of the people they aim to serve. 

We think differently.  We believe the end objective of true wealth management is the alignment of a clients’ needs and values with a comprehensive wealth strategy.  Ignoring the gaps between a clients’ objectives and their plan causes untold frustration and future pain. From the insights gleaned through transparent conversations with our clients an environment is created from which good decisions and strategies can be developed.  Providing advice on decisions and strategies simply becomes the art and science of removing these gaps by helping each client achieve their objectives and live out their values.

Intentional Results

In hindsight, great outcomes are easily taken for granted, while the fundamental process behind these outcomes can be overlooked.  While nothing is guaranteed, we firmly believe and the evidence reveals that intentional results are only likely to be achieved with a deliberate process.  From the beginning of each client relationship, our approach is purposeful.  We glean a perspective from the big picture.  Educate the client.  Discover insights.   And, we advise on critical decisions that align our clients’ needs and values with their wealth strategy.  We believe this fundamental process inherently leads to better outcomes for our clients and uniquely looks out for their best interest.

We believe it’s just as important to play offense as it is to play defense so we strive to eliminate the obstacles which prevent better outcomes as well as take action to put in place financial strategies and investment portfolios designed to achieve the outcomes which best match each client’s situation.